Zombie Truth: Preparing for the Z1 Pandemic

h1n1Since news of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus broke this past March, the world has been watching and waiting for signs of the next devastating pandemic. But what if H1N1 is only one mutation of a human-engineered virus more deadly and infectious than any that has yet emerged? One group of researchers has turned to the internet to alert the world to the terrible possibility of a new biological threat – Z1, the Zombie Virus.

According to ZombieTruth.com, in 2001 a medical research team died at the hands of their patients, who had succumbed to a “viral-induced psychosis”. Researchers in the rescue teams tasked with retrieving the victims managed to salvage some of the data gathered by their dead colleagues. After several years of subsequent study, the troubling characteristics of the virus have worried researchers enough to go public with some of their findings and their continuing progress in order to help the world prepare for a possible outbreak.

The subject matter of the Zombie Truth website will be familiar to fans of Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, a comedic survival manual, and its somber sequel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. We don’t know at this time whether ZombieTruth.com is associated with Brooks or the film adaptation of Brooks’ novel. Followers of the site in the unFiction community have noted a few similarities between the site content and Brooks’ work and have speculated that Zombie Truth might be related to the film.

ZombieTruth.com is currently being updated by Abby Papanai, a researcher living full time at the laboratory’s underground facility along with the rest of her team. The Gallery give outsiders a photographic glimpse into the grim confines of the lab before it was refurbished – what was it used for previously? Additionally, a folder named “Project Orion” seen in a picture of Abby’s desktop has raised interest in what else might be tied to Z1.

The Zombie Truth lab and its research are being funded by the KRF Group, a private foundation of anonymous donors.

Stay informed of the latest news on the Z1 virus by keeping a sharp eye on ZombieTruth.com and following the ZombieTruth Twitter. You can also raise awareness of Z1 by printing and posting the ZombieTruth.com flyer around your neighborhood.

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  1. yh hi the Z1 virus is the zombie virus rite. now what im worried about is that are people going to turn into zombies with Z1 virus if so then when the Z1 virus hits england or the whole of the uk. would people have to be in some sort of containment i mean seriously. if so then i would have to tell family and friends.

  2. is it really going to happen? if yes, when? cause i’m kinda’ getting paranoid about it.

  3. The question is not if,but when? And still nobody can be surtian of that. Even if Z1 is not true simuliar mutations of other viruses like H1N1 or even Madcow can lead to epidemic beyond governmental control. Throw in some natrul disastires and easy spread of diseases and you no only have nation but global pandemic. 2012 looken kind of spooky if you ask me.

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