UPDATE: Dexter Game On More Than Just A SCVNGR Hunt

When it was first announced, Dexter Game On appeared to be nothing more than a fun adventure through the streets of San Diego during Comic-Con, hopefully leading to either Dexter swag or DVDs. However, once players reached the last SCVNGR location, a “kill room” was found containing what appeared to be evidence of torture and murder . . . and several cleverly hidden clues written on the room’s mirrors that lead to the Sleep Superbly site. Upon first entering the room, visitors were shown an introduction video by Dee Pratt, an FBI agent who also goes by the name Serial Huntress, explaining her unique method of crowdsourcing to catch serial killers – the latest one being the “Infinity Killer.” Pratt suspects the Infinity Killer is responsible for the kill room and the murder that apparently occurred within, as the room bears his hallmark, the infinity symbol, on one of the mirrors.

Since then, a lot of activity has occurred, including weekly updates from Serial Huntress on her website; information on the Infinity Killer on the SleepSuberbly site; and even more sites and Twitter feeds . . . and a number of puzzles to solve. To get involved in the hunt, check out the game thread on Unfiction. For a quick summary of the game so far, refer to this excellent post.

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  1. rose

    This Dexter game is the first real murder mystery ARG that I have played. I am having a blast with it, as I love mysteries. I hope more people join in with this game, it isn’t too late, and I think you will enjoy it.

    So far we have tracked down two victims who were brutally murdered, one of whom was involved with dirty police in Miami. They are doing a great job of pulling in threads from Dexter.

    anyone having any questions about this game can contact me at the unfiction forums.