Dexter Game Concludes with a “Bang”

Just in time for Sunday’s premiere, the Dexter alternate reality game ended on September 23rd with the Infinity Killer’s death.

The game’s conclusion was appropriate for a game riddled with references to the inevitability of fate. Driscoll Connor, also known as the “Infinity Killer” and “F8,” arranged to meet the self-professed “Serial Huntress” Dee Pratt at a restaurant with two remote-operated rifles trained at both of their heads. The Infinity Killer then left both of their fates in the hands of the players, asking them to vote for who would live and who would die. This dramatic stand-off, streamed live at a hacked version of the Serial Huntress website, echoed both characters’ formative experiences as potential victims of the Roulette Killer over thirty years ago. As a child, Connor chose to shoot the Roulette Killer instead of shooting Pratt. And finally, decades later, the players chose to spare Pratt, condemning Connor to a death worthy of a serial killer of his caliber.

The final moments of the game were broadcast live and are now available on YouTube, providing a look inside the mind of a deranged psychopath and also insight into his determined hunter’s motivation. During The Infinity Killer’s final moments, he looked at his monitor, tallied the numbers, and accepted his fate.

The end of this alternate reality game also serves as a chance for Modernista! to tally the numbers and reflect, as the creators of this experience.  The team should be lauded for providing an overarching plot that was easy to follow along with at the developer-created Hunter Prey blog, for allowing for a significant amount of interaction between the characters and the players, and for remaining intriguing to the last moment. Active player discussions led to over 11,000 posts on the Serial Huntress forums alone over the course of the game. Those that followed the Dexter alternate reality game from the beginning will remember it fondly.

While the end was calculated to coincide with the premiere of season 5 of the hit TV series, there has been no obvious link between the two stories, although some graffiti on a door towards the end of the episode bore a striking resemblance to the Infinity Killer’s insignia and Vince Masuka (played by C.S. Lee) made a brief cameo on the Sleep Superbly website. The company remains tight lipped about future projects, with their twitter account marking the end with the simple message, “tune in to the live event and find out how the game ends.”

While the game is now presumably over, a persistent and detailed record of events was captured by angelnorelation on her blog through a narrative timeline, providing a one-stop shop for information for players and a persistent archive of events for people who discover the game at a later date. Such efforts of cataloging events can be immensely helpful as it can help the experience survive such “pesky distractions” as college finals or vacations.

So here is a toast to the Infinity Killer, and to Modernista! for providing an experience that did not disappoint.


  1. modelmotion


  2. Jane Doh

    I saw the live ending. I yelped in surprise. Honestly wish I had followed this more closely.

  3. Wouter

    To all my fellow hunters, it was a great experience. And I really do hope we can do something like this again. Let’s not forget each other and keep thinking about this awesome ARG!

    A toast, to f8.