zoe.jpgFrom the “Something May Be Going On Here” file:

Out of the numerous, shall we say, interesting emails ARGN received this week came the following:

“The residents of “3rd” live along side us, and watch our every move but also keep their distance. The populous of “3rd” are there to protect us and watch over our interests. Occasionally holes (or leaks) are found in the boundary between dimensions and sometimes “3rd” is seen by us, but normally mistaken as paranormal activity.

The 5th dimension is a dangerous place, and houses the demons and evils in our lives. 5th is usually safely contained, however some problems are occurring and holes are appearing.

Time is limited, and the residents of our secret neighbour need our help.


It seems that this mysterious message is in relation to a thread over at Unfiction where players have stumbled upon a website and a blog. Hmm, inter-dimensional goodness.

Word also comes to us that the rumored sequel to Aware has launched a “teaser episode.” Players have reported receiving mysterious phonecalls, but details of the Starbucks-sponsored indie game are sketchy at this point. The game promises “action/adventure/excitement” and hopefully a few free lattes.

NOTE: Indie games, your mileage may vary.