sammeeeees_disc.jpgThe whimsical and popular indie ARG Sammeeeees concluded Tuesday with a hostage exchange, a mysterious ritual, and touching farewells.

The story centered around Mr. Alan Johnson, leader of a group called the Spoocheeeees who secretly ruled all world governments with power from a mystical disc, and a man who called himself Peeps, leader of the Sammeeeees who were trying to break the Spoocheeeees’ nefarious hold on power.

Players obtained the five pieces of the Spoocheeeees disk and its central serpent icon and Unfiction’s Konamouse performed the ritual to reverse the Spoocheeeees’ power. (See it on YouTube here.) Meanwhile, Peeps offered himself to Mr. Alan Johnson in exchange for the five Sammeeeees held prisoner. During a struggle with double-agent named Cathy who was attempting to rescue her son Dwin — one of the five hostages — Mr. Alan Johnson fell on his own knife, freeing both Peeps (who was, ironically, his estranged brother) and the hostages.

Farewell messages between the players and characters were followed by a message from the PM in which she revealed that the game had been in production for a year and a half, but the players had also forced her to improvise in ways that made the story better and richer. We at ARGNet would like to congratulate her and her team on a satisfying and well-run grassroots game that managed to delight newbies and ARG old-timers alike.

A PM chat will be held in #sammeeeees on at 5:55 pm PST on Sunday, December 17.

Special thanks to AxysDenied and Konamouse for their help in gathering information for this article.