A Comic-Con Preview: SHIELD Returns for “Item 47”

Image via Marvel.com

On the Fourth of July, Marvel Entertainment released its “second screen” app for The Avengers DVD, two months prior to the release of the DVD itself. The Avengers Initiative: A Marvel Second Screen Experience, available for the iPhone and iPad, is designed to provide supplemental content, synced up with the film. The timing of the app’s release is odd, as second screen apps are traditionally released in tandem with their associated DVD. However, this particular app came bundled with the first countdown clock of Comic-Con 2012, leading to a scavenger hunt starting Friday to unlock the latest Marvel One-Shot video, Item 47.

According to The Avengers Initiative app’s description: “Become a SHIELD Agent and participate in the Item 47 Comic-Con experience either remotely or in the field.” So what is this Item 47 Comic-Con experience? Upon downloading and launching the app, the main screen launches with three options; “SHIELD Personnel Files”, “Avenger Initiative Timeline,” and “Item 47.” The Avenger Initiative Timeline is not unlocked yet, and the SHIELD Personnel files contain what you would expect: personal dossiers on all the Avengers. Currently, the only dossiers available for viewing belong to Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Natasha Romanov (Black Widow).

The Item 47 object is labeled as “Classified” but can be opened, and displays a jumbled map of downtown San Diego near the Convention Center. Solving the slide-puzzle to form the correct map (with the assistance of a watermarked SHIELD symbol) displays: “Mission Countdown Initated. Participate either in the field or by remote surveillance by monitoring #Item47.” Clicking the OK button displays the San Diego map again, with a countdown in the upper right corner. At the time of this writing, the countdown is set to expire 9AM PST, on Friday morning.

According to Entertainment Weekly, once the countdown reaches zero fans will have the opportunity to participate in a real-life scavenger hunt in San Diego that ends with a screening of the Item 47 Marvel One-Shot, a 12-minute feature. While the scavenger hunt itself is restricted to San Diego, following along will provide access to an exclusive clip of the short.

In other Comic-Con news, MovieViral notes that Weyland Industries is advertising a recruiting effort at Comic-Con, but the details are sparse. The website merely states “July 2012 Details Coming Soon.” Tomorrow night is Preview Night, so hopefully something relating to this will be apparent on the Exhibit Hall floor.

Stay tuned to the ARGNet Twitter feed for live updates at Comic-Con 2012, with a full rundown at  ARGNet after it ends.

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